First Blog


after a very long time me too started blogging :)

I know this is gonna real fun for me. But what a pity, now only i have started this.

Qus: Its all ok dude, but why did you start today?
Ans: Nice question, today when i gone through the RSS, i got one interesting link . That invokes me to create this blog.
[i have seen lots of links like this, but why today?
Yup, u r guess is not wrong. i dont have much work on my plate]
now you must be knowing why i have started this blog. ;)

Qus: whats the blog name means/how did you select this name?
Ans: Actually it was a fun, lemme tell you the full story.
I have started creating the blog. But i didnt get a proper name for this blog.
I have tried many ways, even i have tried some cypher texts to get my blog name.
but no use :( . i got nothing out of that.
Then i have started mixing my name with my cousin's name. i got lots of good names but that too didnt help me. all names are reserved by blogspot guys[bloody hell, i would have started earlier grrr.....].
Finally i went to my childhood days and got some nice memories. that time only i got this blog name. any guess???

do you remember slate??? yeah you got it dude. mini black board kinda thing. Using this only i have[most of us] started scribbling. now am going to do the same kinda thing in internet with my "e-slate".

Hope you will like my scribbling ;) [ dont worry i'll try to improve myself in this.... ]

Thanks guys,


keerthi said…
Welcome to blogging Tk!

Hope this grows into an autobiography which will bring goosebumps and
laughter to your children when they read through :)

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