Weekend Activities @ Bangalore

This weekend i had a very great experience. Just go through this so that you can also get to know my feelings.

Myself and vineetha went to Sahana charitable Trust on this saturday. I was really impressed/Amazed with their work.
They are making books for the visually challenged peoples[using braille].

Its really a new thing to me, i was thinking of designing a machine which will try to help making books for the visually chalanged peoples during my college days. Because, normally braille will take about two to three pages for one normal page of english text.[information given by a visually challenged person - Then think of the time to create these kinda hand made books]. But some guys have already invented Brailler for easy to use(Thanks god!!!). Its moreover like a typewriter. Using that we can convert any language to a Braille text. Also we have one embosser which is act like a printer for the Braille system. We can give multiple copies at a time. Theses things are really a great work.[But it will cost you around 4L INR]

Shana is creating these kinda books and give it for free of cost to the poor visually challenged students. They are running this trust in a very small building with 4-5 visually challenged peoples and some volunteers. Most of the volunteer readers are 60+ who stays near by that trust, comes in a while and read something for the braille books. But they need a full time reader very badly. We are planning to recruit someone near by that place. Please let us know if you have any person who is interested in this[we can pay on monthly basis] - the trust is located very near by Hampi Nagar[VijayaNagar].

They had some problem with the machines(computer), and i have helped them with antivirus and gave small small KT about the computer and how to handle them in a better manner. After that we went to "Geetha Ashram" near by that Humpi Nagar.

Geetha Ashram
Geetha Ashram is running by a saint [Swami omanandha], they are maintaining about 100+ kids and they are spin off from Shivanandha Ashram[one of the biggest ashram in tamilnadu]. It seems they have enough funds and they have some huge lands also. Financially they are ok, i think. But they are needing of 4K to pay their medial bills

This particular swami also maintaining a separate ashram for girl students, he told one small but very bad story about some girls who stayed there. There also all the kids(only girls and this is maintaining by a Women warden, its very far from the city) getting good food and education. And they are all very happy about the home. (ultimately thats our AIM right? :) ). Am also very happy about that. But some of the girls who stayed and studied in the school got some illegal contacts with the outside guys and went with them. :(

They dont even know what all about the life and future and because of ignorance they went with them. Its really very bad. Also, i have heard these kinda stories in my native also(madurai dt). I think its all because of very less/not proper education. Even 8th class students(girls) are doing like this. We cant simply blame the kids or the guys who is doing this. Its all because of ignorance. We need to do something for this also. Probably "Sex Education"???? let us think on this

Tejaswi Seva Trust
Sunday we went to one more trust, "Tejaswi Seva Trust" located in Chikakalla sandra near by wilson garden - Bangalore. They are also having disabled peoples and normal kids. Totally they are maintaining about 50 kids including 20 visually challenged kids. They are living in a rented house[10K per month]. They are preparing foods for all in a very tiny kitchen. But they are maintaining that place very cleanly. Even the kids are studying well. They are having some orchestra group formed by visually challenged peoples, they are getting some small amount of money from conducting musical programs. The trust also conducting some PDC classes. They are allowing the kids to go for swimming class(age should be >13). But they need some things very badly like
* A good quality recorder for visually challenged people for recording their lessons.
* A good quality speaker set for the orchestra(they are having some musical instrument)
* Refrigerator and Washing machine.
* Tally software and computer(If possible to maintain their accounts)

Thats all folks.

Hare Krishna!!!


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