Hi dudes,

This weekend myself and karthik went to "Association of People with Disability" center.
It’s a very big NGO kind of organization.

They are giving vocational training for physically challenged peoples. [Its more over like a college, ADP provides vocational courses like fitting/welding and computer education. For women they are having a separate department which will train them on tailoring and embroidering kind of things. 10-12 months is the course duration]

One more good news, they are having a separate department which is taking care of the mentally retarded peoples. They are learning the following things from this org, like how to identify the objects, how to take care of themselves and some horticulture courses[10 months].

They are providing certificates in end of the all courses, using this student can get jobs outside. They are also referring good candidates to the suitable company.

Also they are running a separate school for physically challenged people. They are having a separate hostels for women/girls. Boys are staying in the government hostels.

As of now they are having 200+ staffs to train the students and lots of students[I don’t remember the head count :)].

But they are lacking of soft skills trainers and computer trainers.

We may look into these two requirements. It’s really a very big organization.

They are getting nominal fees from the students for the course depends on their family background.

They are accepting sponsors too [like adoption].

Some Great Points:
• they have a section for making wheel chairs and artificial legs
• Students can even learn music and painting. [they have the staffs for this]
• Deaf and Dumb kids are learning, smiling and playing like fresh flowers, I’m really touched with this.

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