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Hi Folks,

This weekend we had lots of excitement and fun, I have shared the whole story in end of this mail. Will share the photos after sometime.

Activities done:
• successfully launched our series of special classes for the APD
• Conducted English, Drawing and music classes for APD students [Association for physically disabled ppl] – Thanks to suganya and ramya in CC
• Thought some hardware level information and macros in MS-Office to the APD staffs.
• Meeting with Sahana Charitable trust for the Braille day
• Visited Margadharasi Foundation in Ulsoor and explored them.

• design and estimate the Braille Bus Route books for the Braille day celebrations.
• staffs to handle mechanical/electrical courses for APD
• Computer/English staff is needed for Margadharsasi
• Printed cover and rubber stamps from priya

• business card is badly needed

Detailed story about this weekend,

This weekend we had lots of excitement and fun. Saturday we have successfully launched our series of special classes for the APD. The students were much exited because of our presence and the way the tutors handled the subject and the students. I’m glad to invite Miss.Suganya and Ramya to our organization and thanks for their great effort in this. Both are my juniors recently joined in my company. Suganya took English grammar class, I would have learned English better if she was my English teacher  ramya thought them music and pencil drawing. The students are very much interested in learning them, this is the first time they are getting these kind of classes. We got lots of good feedback and comments from the students as well as the management. We got some more requirements for the next week. We have learned the alphabets in sign language also 

In the afternoon I and vineetha went to Sahana for the Braille day celebrations discussion. They are going to have one board members meeting on November 3rd after that they will be finalizing lots of stuffs. They are also very much impressed with our work and asked us to join with them for this event. They are planning to conduct lots of fun filled and informative events for the students also planning to distribute 500 Braille calendars. We are planning to sponsor local[BMTC] route book for the visually challenged people. We need your help on this. We are not very sure how much it will cost us. This will be finalized in the November end.

Sunday we went to Margadharasi foundation in Ulsoor. This organization started on 1988 and they are doing lots of activities like education, medical aids and conducting health and awareness camps allover the Karnataka. They are also started one orphanage home for disabled women on 1999. They are well established and they are doing really a good service. They are taking care of 15+ girls in their home. Some of them are mentally retarded and disabled women. They need some help from us like the following
• Re-design their web page.
• Helping them in teaching computer/English to the poor students and disabled ppl.
They are ready to help us in our activities conducted in Bangalore. Also if you come across any medical/educational requests in karanataka please let us know. We will refer to theses ppl they will take care on behalf of us.

Thanks for reading this mail


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