Free Education in India

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We think free education is not possible especially in countries like INDIA. But all top universities in the world including our IIT's are offering free education to everyone through video lectures, audio lectures and animations ( interactive). But a few of us know about them. This is an effort to create awareness about the Best free educational resources available in the world.

Here are .
Free video lectures and animations on all subjects Huge Collection. Text materials and videos on all Engineering and Medical Sciences.
Joint venture by IIT's and IISc
MIT Open Course Text materials, video lectures on all subjects
MIT world Video lectures
MIT lecture Browser browse video lectures on all topics
World Lecture Hall you can find any course here, where ever it is.
WGBH Forum Network videos on all subjects
Vega Science Trust Physics Special
Micro Biology Video Library Biology
Animations Genetics, Biochemistry, Immunology, Physiology etc...
National Institutes of Health Medicine Special

Business, Management and Leadership
HBR Idea Cast Archive
Interviews with Great Entrepreneurs
HARVARD Working Knowledge
Stanford University Videos
Knowledge @ Wharton Business
Huge Collection of many other including the above all.

Other Useful Search Engines
Google Book Search Search the all books.
Google Code Search searches public source code
Google Scholar Search searches all the Scholar papers.
Educational Special Search Engine searches all sites for e-books, study materials, video lectures, animations, including Google videos, Yahoo videos, you tube, Google code search, Scholar, Book search.

What is the motive behind this?

Swami Vivekananda words on Importance of Education and Role of youth in Developing INDIA.

"Education, education, education alone! Traveling through many cities of Europe and observing in them the comforts and education of even the poor people, there was brought to my mind the state of our own poor people, and I used to shed tears. What made the difference? Education was the answer I got ".

And he has also said

"My faith is in the younger generation, out of them will come my workers. They will work out the whole problem"

So it is we, youth who can do something for the nation.

Why should I forward this Content?

1. We may not have time to train or teach people
we may not have money to donate.
But, we can certainly create awareness, by spreading the news, about free educational resources.

2. You will become gentle person as you are sending the most valuable mail.

3. You will reach your goals so early because you are helping others reaching their goals.

4. You are putting efforts in developing the nation, As nation development always depends on quality of education we get.

5. You will be liked by everyone as everyone likes those who help others.

So, send all Educational information to all your friends.

Add new links if you have any and Please forward this to everyone and join the awareness creation camp.

Even one out of 1000 gets benefit we will have 10 lack people like APJ Abdul Kalam . Then see the future of INDIA .

Do you still think free education is not possible????????????????????


Peteris Krumins said…
I have been collecting video lectures for 1.5 years now.

My blog is at Free Science Online.

I have collected maths, physics, computer science, biology, engineering and many other lectures!

Peteris Krumins

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