Weekend Activities @ Blore

Dear Folks,

This weekend we had a nice time in visiting three different organizations.
Participants: Thiru, Ramya, Suganya, Sasi and Santhana Lakshmi

• Balajyothi for mentally retarded kids
  • Who they are: This is a small organization for mentally retarded ppl started on 2004 by two trustees. Now this organization training about 25 kids with the help of 6 staffs including one physiotherapist and a speech therapist
  • What they are focusing on: training in basic skills to the mentally retarded kids and ppl so that they need not depend on their parents for all of their basic needs like brushing, eating taking bath and bit of learning
  • What we have done: Understood the organizations and it needs
  • TODO:
    • Setting up the environment
    • Weekend classes for kids and counseling for their parents
    • Summer Camp
• Makkajakrithi
  • Who they are: The main aim of this learning center is to uplift economically backward children by providing them with basic education. They have 4 such learning centers situated at nook and corners of Bangalore mainly in remote interior area
  • What they are focusing on: motivating the kids to learn more and achieve more in their life. Giving moral and financial support in all aspects.
  • What we have done: Understood the organizations and it needs
    • Spent some time with the kids and taught them some English
  • TODO: We found one boy who is needing of Medical aid. We may take this up depends on the need
  • Please have a look on this for more info: http://e-slate.blogspot.com/2007/08/adp.html
  • What we have done: Understood the newly joined batch.
    • Motivating the students
    • Took Hardware Class
  • TODO:
    • Continuing Hardware Class
    • Starting the PDC and English Classes

You can find the detailed mail here.
1. Balajyothi for mentally retarded kids
Balajyothi is a small registered NGO for mentally retarded people. This organization was founded by a parent who blessed with a kid(Rahul) who is mentally retarded. His mother was very much worried about this new born baby and she doesn’t want to continue to live with her. So she quits her family and went away to carry on with her career. This becomes a big challenge for Rahul’s dad and took this as a duty and started training his son in all aspects. Its more or like “Tare Zamim Par” movie. Now Rahul is 7 years old and he is able to walk bit and he is perfectly handling is computer without anyone’s help.
His father was really amazed about his growth and he didn’t stop that point. He started a NGO that can help kids who are all like Rahul. Now they are giving training to the 25 kids and most of them are from poor family. All the kids will be coming to his home and learning basic things from their teachers. For 25 kids they are having only 6 staffs because of lacking funds. The kids will be having training form 10 to 1 after that they will be send back to their home.
We are planning to join our hands with This org and will be starting weekend sessions for the Kids and their parents(Counseling sessions for the parents, Because most of the time the parents are not at all having hope in their kids and they want the immediate result to change this attitude we need to council them), before this we are also planning to build a better infrastructure for the kids by making the environment clean and setting up the computers. We also planning to conduct a summer training program for the kids who are all getting benefited form this organization.

2. Makkaljakrithi
On Saturday morning, Ramya and Sasi went to visiting a learning center run by a Registered NGO, ‘MakkalaJagrithi’. The main aim of this center is to uplift economically backward children by providing them with basic education.They have 4 such learning centers situated at nook and corners of Bangalore mainly in remote interior area, so that it would be beneficial for children dwelling nearby.There are children from all age group starting from 2-18 years. They are of various category like children who do not go to even nearby corporation schools & those who go to school and come in the evening to these centers. These children are those of construction workers, home maids belonging to nearby slum area and also children of parents who has committed crime and in jail.

They have variety of programs currently being carried out. These are organized and taken care by paid workers of ‘MakkalaJagrithi’ and also by some volunteers. Their programs include, Basic elementary education, Spoken English, Drawing & craft, Music, Dance, Yoga, Football, Tennis & other games, Life skill program etc Apart from these, It serves also as a playing center for small kids. They have a small library with books from area i.e academics, informative, story books etc. They have many playing toys, craft materials and indeed four computers too.

Their main concern are those of helping bright children who are in need of financial assistance for further perusing their studies. There are many children who are bright enough to win even inter-school level competitions, competing with convent going kids. Some are also in need of medical assistance as they suffer from diseases which requires long term treatment assistance. They also look for volunteers who can dedicatedly teach them in any one of the above mentioned area. They are closed only on Mondays and all other days they are open from 10.30 A.M to 7.00 P.M, even on Sundays, as school going kids can effectively utilize their full time.

3. APD
We have started our series of special classes for new batch recently joined in APD. This weekend we have spent about half an hour to understand the students and their goals. After that we have motivated the students with some small stories and things like that. After that we have started our Hardware classes for the students. We started of with Input devices. I break opened a model key board and a mouse to explain the students about how the computer is working. They were all very much existed and they are willing to continue our session like this. We are also planning to rollout our PDC classes from next week onwards.


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