Rape capital of India

Dear Friends,

Yesterday i have heard a very shocking news from one of our News channel about a minor rape attempt in Delhi. One of our news paper says "This is the fourth rape of a child in Delhi this month. The city has become known as the rape capital of India."

Where are we going?
One side we are launching 10 satellites in one go and making world records while the other side the people are not even bothering about the human beings. The Bad news is, the culprit who did this is a police man(really shame on him). Police is the one who are government servants meant for protecting the people. But this particular person forgets his responsibilities and made this great mistake. He is under arrest now. But will that going to heal that girls/family's problem? He will be released after sometime. But think of the society. How can we assure that he wont do the same mistake again? This is not only for him, also for other cannibals who are all doing these kind of nonsense.

1. Rules/punishments should be strict/heavy.
2. We have to educate the girls/ppl about good touch and bad touch [Basically Sex Education]
3. Media, what is the purpose of showcasing the girl's photo in the news/TV? Media should work for people people benefits, Its a kind of service for the people. But nowadays it became like pure business. Think of that girl's rest of the life. At least hear after the media can avoid these [PS: harbajjan slapped shrishanth in a match, the media is not allowed/ready to showcase that in the TV/Paper. because of prestige issues. But they are showing this poor girl's face to the whole world. What a world it is]

Note: Even if you give Sex education or some marital art for self defense, that will not helpful when once or more guys are trying to abuse her. So we should have some mechanism in such a way that the girls should be protected at any cost.
The following is one of my idea to prevent these kinda situations.

We can have a small tracking device in the watch and whenever there is a emergency period she can press button in that watch and that will trigger a message/call to the nearest control room with the current location. This is one of the way only.

Dear Folks, give me your suggestions for handling these kinda problems. This is our country, and all the people are our relatives and friends. Please join with me to find better solution for this.



Sindhu said…
It not only should alert the nearest control. It should also alert the public around and her family. Since the police can never be trusted.
So the best option would be to alert the public around by a huge alarm along with the message to police and family.
Thiru said…
What will be the root cause for these kinda problem?
1. If he has the thirst then there are lots of women in the city who is ready to sell their body for money. But why a school girl/normal women?

2. Is it because of the girl itself? Because of their dressings and behaviors in the public.

3. Is it because of our lenient rules and punishments?
Jaheer said…
Hi Thiru

To protect girls between 1-12 years

1. Parents showuld always be with them. Parents should not allow thier child to stay with anybody until unless they are beloved ones

To Protect girls between >12 years

1. Wear dresses such that it wont be sexy.
2. learn any of the martial art
3. Try not to be alone
4. Have safety powders like 'Chilly powder', Pepper'.
5. Accompany known persons at odd timings


Abishek Goda said…
Sensitive topic Tk. I am not sure I agree with your comment though. I don't think a twelve year girl can be obscene in manner. And secondly it is not leniency of rules.

These issues have been there ever since there was a society. Now we know it in a much larger scale. That is all. Should we thank the media for scaring us that the society has gone to dogs or rebuke them for any cheap acts is left to us.
Thiru said…
Hi Abishek, Thanks for sharing your comments. In one way you are perfect. It is happening from long back itself. But my question is how can we prevent this or how can we over come this problem in a simplistic manner?
It should be affordable by the people/govt to implement things.
cruel intentions of the person has to be eradicated.how this can be acheived?Self-Realization.But expecting everyone to realize is never gonna happen.Hence,self-cautiousness would be the key.

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