New Initiatives at Virudhunagar Region

Dear Folks,

Please find the list of new initiatives taken on last Weekend (03/05/08) at Virudhunagar region.

Summer camp for Village students:

Members involved in the discussion: Sakthivel(Panchayat President of Vakkanangundu), Barathan(Managing Trustee of Manu Trust), Sundara Vadivel(Manu Trust) and Thiru Kumaran(Disha)

We have started a summer camp for the school kids ages from 5 – 10 at Vakkanangundu Village in Virudunagar district. We are expecting 50+ kids to join this summer camp. As of now it is in the design phase and we are planning to start this by coming Friday. The Camp will have two main masters and few specialized masters in each topic as mentioned below.

Yoga, Drawing, Music, Neethi Kovai (Includes Thiru Kural, Kondrai Vendhan, Athichuvadi), Exercise, Team Building Games, Craft work, Soft Skills

We are also planning to conduct lots of competition with great prizes. J

TODO: Content for Soft Skills.

Counseling session for mentally retarded kids’ parents:

I have spent about two hours for counseling the parents who has mentally retarded kids in Kariyapatti. As of now 11 kids are learning some basics from a nearby special school in Sevalpatti (Virudunagar district). We discussed all the inputs/complaints from the parents and understood their current problems and difficulties. After that I advised them with lots of simple steps from which we can improve the state of the kids and shared lots ideas I have come across so far. In the end of the session I was able to see the confidence and happiness in their eyes. I hope they will be doing well in improving their kids. They are not expecting any financial support from our side. But they are expecting our guidance to improve their kids.

TODO: Better Syllabus needed for improving their standards.

Brainstorming session about small scale industry and children education

I and around 16 Trustees (all of them are retired government officers) of Manu Trust has discussed about various problems faced by the village people in and around of virudunagar district. We had a nice debate and brainstorming session about children education and small scale industry. Here are few key points/decision made.

  • · Started a summer “Spoken English course” in Kariyapatti(Virudunagar District)
  • · Advised the Tailoring Unit of Manu Trust (SHG) to Approach schools/colleges for the bulk uniform orders. I have given them how to promote and market this plan.
  • · Decided to plant more saplings in June.


  • · Needs to get permission for conducting RAP in nearby village schools.
  • · Handling drug/alcoholic addicts.
  • · Needs to talk to the Industries for Half day work and half day education for the children who can’t afford to go school. This has been implemented in various countries also.

That’s all folks.

I’ll keep you posted on the above mentioned tasks periodically.


Manimekalai said…
Good work really!!!!
Along with all these, you can also conduct a sports camp to identify their talents in that so that you can groom it.
Also you can use these school children for some social activities like white washing their school, cleaning a particular area, tree plantation etc.,
If it is with fun, kids will enjoy it!
All the best!

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