Anti Global Warming Tips You Can Do

global warming is a glaring problem these days. It’s getting hotter year after year! The weather patterns are changing, ocean levels are rising, everything is spewing out destructive gases, and it’s already a disaster! We may soon find New York and a lot of places close to water several meters under that water. The government spends millions doing what they can, but we ordinary people can contribute in a small way. How? Do the following! Unless you and your family want to shop in the Big Apple wearing scuba gear, that is.

1. Car? What car? Try to avoid using it! Use buses or trams. Bicycles will do. You can always hike if it’s close by. Sometimes it’s dangerous not to be in a car, but at least you’ll be spending less and helping the environment at the same time! If you bicycle to places you need to go. It will be a good exercise, keeps you slim, and is free of carbon monoxide! If you really have to, use cars and light vehicles instead of fuel-guzzling SUVs. You can also promote a carpool for your co-workers, to save gas and build camaraderie.

2. Save paper! Trees help absorb greenhouse gases. Millions of acres are lost every year. What can we do? Use both sides of the paper, of course. Use the back when possible, not take out a new sheet! Use reusable cloth bags or plastic bags when shopping, not paper bags which are easily thrown away. Saving a few pieces of paper isn’t much, but if more people do it, we can save a lot!

3. Turn off the lights! Many power plants still use coal and oil, which spew out harmful gases. Observe Earth Day. Use florescent and low-energy bulbs and turn them off when you don’t need them! Use that blow-dryer only when you need to! Try to buy energy-efficient appliances, which are usually labeled. Insulate your rooms so you use your heater less. If you go out for a while, like if you won a free trip or something, power down your house completely. Not only will you lower your bill, but you’ll help the environment out, too!

4. Vote wisely. If the guy running for the Senate emphasizes on environment-friendly measures, and he means well, vote for him! If he wins, he’ll help the environment. Try to avoid voting candidates who don’t have even a shred of concern about nature. Vote for those who care about the planet. Don’t just think about the planet though. If he’s only caring about the planet and nothing else, he probably doesn’t care about the planet anyway.

5. Spread the word! Tell everyone all the things above. Tell your friends, family, relatives, coworkers, and more. Post it on forums, message boards, and blogs. If even ten out of a hundred listen to you, and one of that ten actually does something, it makes a difference!

See? Saving the environment is easy, keeps you fit, and saves you money! It’s worth it. What environment-friendly tips can you share? Speak up!


Manimekalai said…
Good try!! everyone should try to follow alteast two or three of mentioned points

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