Its all about parenting

Parenting is the process of raising and educating a child from birth until adulthood. If you are not a parent yet also please go ahead and replace children/child with your spouse/sweetheart. You will definitely find it good. I'm seeing this article as a good people management article for creating the better society.

1. We buy things for our children on impulse

Starting at a young age, you do buy trinkets for your children whenever you are out shopping. It might be harmless to purchase that cute little stuffed toy for your toddler/lover. But if you are shopping for groceries, then you are sending a potentially expensive message. The message is that you will buy your child little toys whenever you are out shopping. Try to limit these purchases to birthdays and special occasions. Otherwise, your child/spouse will expect gifts constantly and you will carry the burden of that constant extra expense. Ask yourself: “Does my child/sweetheart really need this?” He or she probably doesn't and impulse buying is not an easy habit to break.

2. We give our children too many choices

I remember a dear friend asking her two year old daughter what she wanted to wear every morning. The little girl would always pick something that was not weather appropriate for winter in Colorado. As a result, getting ready in the morning became a huge battle that could have easily been avoided. Give your child two appropriate choices and let them pick one. This gives you the control of appropriate attire and makes your child feel that they have ownership of what they wear.

3. We do not acknowledge selfishness in our children

Teach your child that there are less fortunate people in the world. Let them see how you help in your community. Maybe it is baking a casserole for a sick friend or a visit to a senior facility. Your example will make a lasting impression.

4. We allow our children to be wasteful

Teach your child to be kind to the earth. Let your child be an active member around the house with collecting recyclable items. Remind them to save energy by turning off unnecessary lights at home. Show them that we all can make a difference for a healthier planet. But we all must do our part.

5. We raise our children to be spoiled brats

There is nothing worse than a spoiled child who demands all the goodies for himself or herself. When you have company, make sure that your child is being a gracious host. Compliment others who share. Your child will want to receive your positive compliments as well. Soon your child will see that sharing is not receiving less, but giving more.

6. We don't give our children a faith system

It is critical to give your child a faith or a belief in something. You do not have to have a definite religion, but a faith in something greater. It might be God, Buddha or simply a greater force. Also you do not need a specific religion to teach your child about kindness, sympathy, understanding, love and compassion.

7. We don't know our children's friends

You need to know who your child is hanging out with. Especially during the teen years. You also need to know the parents of your child's friends. Peer influence is tremendous especially during the teen years. Parents of quality will have children of quality.

8. We don't teach our children to value an education

You may have had a lousy school experience and you survived. So you don't see the need for caring about an education. Research proves that school is important. Don't you want more for your child, than you may have had as a child?

9. We don't take the time to take our children to the library.

Parents are the first teachers of their children. You need to send the message that reading is important and books matter. Successful readers find success throughout life.

10. We are too busy to monitor our children's television and computer game usage

Supervise what your kids are watching on television. Regulate when they are online. You must control the time that your child spends playing video games. Monitor the video game content. Expose your child to family television and Rated “G” movies. Young children are not emotionally ready for much of what we view in theaters and on television. We want to be our children's friend, not their parent. The world is full of friends for your child. What your child needs throughout his or her life is a parent. Parents provide guidance and support .While you may not always be popular, your child needs a parent more than another friend.

11. We don't give our children routines

Children need structure. It is wise for parents to set appropriate bed times for youngsters. It is also important that parents of teens set rules about curfew, driving, drugs and alcohol.



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