S.D.Louis Orphanage

I and Manick had a chance to visit this home last Saturday (10/4/08). We were able to collect only limited details due to absence of founder on the same day.

Name of the Home: S.D. Louis Orphanage
Sholinga Nallur (near Infosys)
Current Status: Pretty Good shape. (Based on Disha’s scale)
Total Strength: ~50+ (including couple of elders)

Age of kids: few months to 60+

Shelter: Two big rooms are available with attached kitchen. Should be sufficient for the people staying in the home.

Source of Food: Breakfast – Jepier educational trust, Lunch – Polaris, Dinner – Please see the issues section

Education for the Kids: All of the kids are getting education as normal kids and most of them are going to government schools.

Entertainment: IT folks occasionally spend time with kids it seems.

Accessories and Cloths: Kids are getting enough basic amenities.

Funds: needs to confirm with the founder before publishing.

Source of Kids/ppl: most of them are handed over by local police and public.


  1. No periodical medical checkups are scheduled, but if anything required they are getting help from near by government hospitals.
  2. Dinner was provided by the Infosys previously but now they are refused to provide due to transportation issues. Prior to this issue the home owned a load auto by which they carry the food from Infosys building. But now the auto is no longer in working condition and the kids are facing some issues in getting their dinner. The management is taking care of the dinner by saving some amount of food from the lunch. Infosys folks can help them in getting escalated this issue to their higher management.

PS: Folks, we are also having one more old age home near by this place, due to time constraints we couldn’t visit that last week. Interested folks can join with me for the next week visit.


John Ages said…
HI I am John, I also have visited this home a few months ago.

The patron of this home is a kind old lady by the name of Mary.

Alot of the funds for the orphanage comes out of her own pocket. The accounts are kept by a professional accountant , i.e its transparent.

The children are treated well. All in all i must say it is a really good orphangae.

John Ages

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