Postal Vote for Citizens residing outside INDIA/constituency

Hi Friends,
Our Parliament Elections 2009 are due in a few months and for many citizens who are eligible to vote are not able to vote as we stay away from our constituency/country due to our job commitments. It's really painful to see that we register on an average, approximately only 55% of voter turnout in elections. We feel that one reason for this low voter turnout is people staying away from their constituencies due to their jobs.
So we tried to address our concern to the Chief Electoral Officer of the state and other major Election Commission Officers to introduce a postal/online voting. The postal vote is already available to Government officials but its not available to the General Public.It is essential that we are provided with the bandwidth and capability to vote and elect our future leader, whom will be vested with the responsibility of leading our nation to a better future.

More the number of request, more the emphasize ~ Please follow the steps below to raise a request with our Chief Electoral Officer.

Steps to request for our right to Vote:

1. Please address the email to the respective State's "Chief Electoral Officer - CEO". Please select your state CEO's e-mail id from the excel (EMAIL ID's excel file attached).

2. Please mark a copy to the following Election Commission Officers,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

3. Please change the $INDIAN State of Residence, $NAME, $VOTER ID, in the below contents and send the mail.



The Chief Electoral Officer,

$INDIAN State of Residence


Respected Sir,

Subject: Request for postal/online voting for people residing outside INDIA or residing outside the constituency during the time of elections.

Sir, first we thank the Election Commission of INDIA for conducting the elections in our Country in a very professional manner. We realize that it's a very important duty of each and every citizen of INDIA to cast their votes during elections. It's really painful to see that we register on an average, approximately only 55% of voter turnout in elections. We feel that one reason for this low voter turnout is people staying away from their constituencies due to their jobs.

We came to know that postal votes are available to Government Officers who are residing away from their constituencies during elections. We request you to extend this postal/online voting facility to other persons as well. It will be really great if we, people who are far away from our constituencies get a chance to cast our votes and play a part in our democracy.

Thanking You,

Yours Faithfully,

On behalf of many INDIANS living away from their constituencies,




Varun S said…
there is a thin line between facility and abusing it. I think this facility will simply get abused. One reason is that, Indian post, is not reliable in general. When it comes to votes, all that a politician has to do is bribe the under-paid postman some money and change the votes. There is another facet of this problem. You have no clue whether the person has voted by post or thru ballet. To reconcile both immediately, there needs to be a central place where you need to keep track if a person has voted. US voting system has this and they have a machine called Diebold. Google it up to see how many security problems they have because its a centralized system. Our EVMs are not prone to such vulnerabilities because we dont have a centralized system and hence far more reliable. Also, such centralized systems wont work in remote places like Ladakh or other hilly places. If you use satellite systems, they are prone to attacks. Infact, any wireless machine can be jammed and if a politician knows that most people in that booth wont vote for him. he needs to find a jammer for that frequency and he has denied voting right for many people.

In India, it works for gov officials, because they are small in number and cannot (in many cases), change the verdict. If the politicians know that postal votes can change the verdict, they will make every effort to botch it. I think a fair election should be higher priority than voter turnout. If one is always away from his constituency, then he has to register himself in the constituency he is available most. Thats what vote-transfer form at EC office is for!.

I see a lot of educated-fools like me who wont goto vote on the election day and sit and watch TV. If that stops, a lot of things can start changing. The problem is with us, there is no point in having additional facility that can be abused.

RAM said…
yes you are wright varun.
Sudhahar R said…
Dear Varun,

There is nothing that cannot be done. there were always a way to achieve which seems impossible.

The simple and straight forward way is to cast to vote through a government office residing in every country. we have Indian consulate in every country to where our voting should be done. in the very near future, every indian will have their thumb impression and retina scan registered in a central database through UIDAI. later on its our responsibility to make use of this technology to achieve fair election. Government is working on these reforms and with a very high population and lots and lots of politics, it will take its own time. That will be our time to really decide who has to come into power. hope we will achieve it very soon.

with regards,
Sudhahar R
Anonymous said…
there is a need of onlinevoting as a Fall back for many reason one of mine is I am travelling and out side country using UIDAI and Voters Id online voting is Possible

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