Eco Friendly Font... Uses 20% less Ink

Dear Folks,

You can use the attached eco friendly font for all your documenting purposes it saves 20% less ink.

This will surely help you to contribute towards anti global warming.

Little drops make an ocean…

PS: This message in the eco font. Kindly give your thoughts on the same.

It’s very simple to install this font in your desktop/laptop

  1. Save the font in your hard disk
  2. Right click and copy the file
  3. Go to “Control Panel à Fonts” folder and paste the file there.
  4. Open your MS word and select the font as “Spranq eco sans”
  5. You are done J

Setting Eco font as default font in outlook [PFA image if you couldn’t follow the below steps].

  1. Open Out Look
  2. Go to Tools >> Options
  3. Switch to “Mail Format”
  4. Click on “Fonts” under Stationary and Fonts.
  5. Click on the “Choose Font…” button []
  6. select “Spranq eco sans” and hit OK .
Kindly revert for any further clarifications.
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