Educatoinal Appeal from Visually Impaired Student - Fulfilled

Hi Folks,

I recently got an educational request from Mr. Lakshmi Narayanan who is a visually challenged student, pursuing his B.A literature in Tamil from Presidency College, Chennai. He is a person who is highly dedicated and ready to cross the obstacle in spite of his economical and physical short comings. With his high moral attitude and dedicated effort he has successfully managed to complete his 2nd Semester with a score of 79%.

He approached us with a request to fund him to purchase his semester books which would cost Rs.2000. This request was discussed with one of my friend by name Mr. Mahesh Keshwani who readily accepted to contribute the entire amount. I thank his kind and generous gesture and wish him all the best.

May god bless him and his family with all the good will.


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