Mighty Lights 2010

Dear Folks,

I’m happy to share that recently with the help of eBay and PayPal we were able to donate 290 solar power light to more than 20 different villages. Some of the highlights of this donation drive.
  1. More than 1500 rural students are expecting to get benefited out of 20 villages.
  2. Donated lights to 75 houses which doesn’t have electricity connection and having school going kids.
  3. Most of the villages are having very least connectivity to the nearby urban areas and having exposure to the outside world.
  4. Frequent power supply issues are faced in most of these areas and Solar power light will definitely bring lots of change.
  5. Found many kids having very less awareness but eager to learn many things. They were very much excited to get these lamps and using them effectively.

Will share the detailed information on the village names and beneficiary info soon.

On behalf of all the students and kids my hearty thanks and wishes to eBay and PayPal to help us on this drive. Special thanks to Nat, Jeyanthi, Sudha and Poornima from eBay on supporting this activity.

Activity Album: http://picasaweb.google.com/gsm4people/MightLights2010


Balu said…
People with high intensity to serve others can do service continuously ..

Valga valamudan
lakshmi said…
that is a wonderful service done

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