Chennai Coastal Cleanup/5, India Clean Sweep, June 8th - Assembly Coordinator Contacts

Dear All,

Find below the assembly point coordinator contacts for assembly on Sunday morning. Please report on time at your respective assembly points at the below indicated timings. Note that we shall not delay the entire group for individual late-comers. We will be car/bike pooling together from these points to the designated beach zones and back after the cleanup. Those who registered with car/bike please bring along your vehicle.

Assembly PointVenueTimeCoordinatorContact
AdyarRainforest Restaurant5:30amPavithra 9884303794
Ashok PillarUdayam Theatre5amAravind9884097810
Besanat NagarEliot Beach - Astalakshmi temple5:50amSridhar9941136138
GuindyAnna Salai, opposite Guindy railway station5:15amArun9789550203
KoyambeduPetrol bunk opposite CMBT5amVignesh8939889444
MarinaService lane, Lighthouse5:45amAravind9884148033
MarinaService lane, Vivekananda5:45amNithananad9840190706
MarinaService lane, Ghandi statue5:45amSendhil9600174657
TamabaramMadras Christian College5amPrasanna9994816896
Tirunmangalam signalAnna Nagar West bus depot5amChellababu9940095978
TirunvanmyurAdyar Bakery, Tirunvanmyur signal5:30amBalaji9841287546
VelacheryOpposite Vijayanagar bus stop5:15amKarthik9840600468
KovalamTemple near beach6amSaba9840030603
PondicherryGhandi statue near beach6amMalan9994250303
CoimbatoreKurichi Wetland6amBharani8754557373

Around 150 groups are participating in this cleanup and will be joining us directly at the various beach/cleanup zones:
Do read the preparation section below carefully which has some important updates:


To recycle and reuse maximum garbages collected we will be segregating garbage in three main categories. Familiarize yourself with each of these:
      1. Glass Bottles : (Alcohol Bottles, Broken Glass pieces, Broken Glass bottles, Glass Medicinal Bottles and other Glass Items)
      2. Polythene and Plastic : (All polythene wrappers, Carry Bags, PET Bottles, Plastic Containers, Water Pockets, Milk Covers and all kind of Plastic materials)

      3. Others : (Shoes, Cheppals, Fishing Nets, Thermocoil, Steyrofoam, ropes and rest of the above two categories)
Each volunteer will be given:
·        1 Reusable garbage bag to be shared by two volunteers
·        1 Reusable glove for each volunteer
·        Special bags and gloves are provided for collection of glass
During Cleanup

Follow the instruction of your assigned coordinator:
·        Volunteers will be split up in 3 categories, each shall collect garbage under the assigned category
.        Shake off the sand from the garbage which will make the post-cleanup recycle process much easier

·        Once your bag is full of garbage kindly empty it in large collection bags aligned in the center of zone
·        Coordinators will assist you with emptying into the right collection bag according to segregation category
·        If you run out of garbage for your segregation category you can pick up a different category
·        Repeat the process until all garbage is removed or instructed by your coordinator
·        Safety -

o NOT venture into the sea at any point if time
·        Don't pick anything heavy or dangerous objects/substance
·        Don't get into arguments

·        Hand over your gloves and bags to your coordinator (will be reused during future cleanups)
·        Help with moving the large collection bags from the center of the zone to the access road 
·        These will be loaded onto appropriate transport and taken to the recycle vendor for second and third level segregation before recycling
·        Refreshments are provided by your company or coordinator (NGOs, schools, individuals)
·        You will receive a Chennai Coastal Cleanup/5 cloth bag from your coordinator which can be used for future shopping (say no to plastic covers)
Signature Campaign: Before or after the cleanup show your support towards NO PLASTICS by signing our signature banner at beach beach zone:

·        The total volunteer turnout and garbage collected across all locations will be shared with media and all participants
·        Our photography team will be covering the entire cleanup across all zones/locations and sharing photos through our FB page
·        We request you to tag, share, comment on the photos to create more awareness among your friends
·        We invite you to like and share your experiences and photos on our FB page
·        Lets create awareness among ourselves, friends, family and at work to reduce our use of plastics and recycle/reuse more


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