How to Negotiate with Someone More Powerful than You with a quick framwork for dummies

Having power typically reduces a person’s ability to understand how others think, see, and feel, so being in the less powerful position actually gives you a better vantage to accurately assess what the other party wants and how you can best deliver it.
·         Buck yourself up: “Your power and influence come from the unique properties you bring to the equation.”
·         Understand your goals and theirs: By studying your counterpart’s motivations, obstacles, and goals, you can frame your aims not as things they are giving up to you, but “as solutions to a problem that they have.”
·         Prepare, prepare, prepare : Preparation gives you the information you need to “to get more of what you want,”
·         Listen and ask questions : listen well, which builds trust, and pose questions that encourage the other party to defend their positions.
·         Keep your Cool : “Know what your goals are and direct your strategy to that and not the other person’s behavior. You have to play the negotiation your way,”
·         Stay flexible : Maintaining flexibility in your moves means you can better shape a solution that’s not only good for you this will make them “feel like they’ve won.”
Negotion Framework for dummies – Some of Key Attributes : Capture as much information as possible in the below table before we move on to the negotiation for each party identified

Party 1
Party 2
… Party N

Interests / Goals

Decision Making Authority






Exit Plan



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