The Smartest Money Tips for 2015 From Warren Buffet and 10 Other Experts

Dear One,
Thought of sharing this useful information about Money management as we just started this year. This may help !

1. When promised quick profits respond with a quick 'no.' [Never invest money on the things which you are not very clear]
2. No savings is too small, they all add up
3. having a budget so you can stay out of debt
4. Have a buddy to keep track of your expenses [Spouse / Friend whom you can be very honest]
5. keep your personal debt nonexistent if possible or keep as low as possible
6. Loose your credit cards
7. Save as much as you can [Systematic Investment Plan - RD / Monthly Gold Coin / NSC Bonds, Index Funds,  etc..]
8. Set a yearly goal
9. Give yourself a rise [Even a small salary hike / Side business, etc ]
10. Invest in yourself and dont be a victim in economic crisis :)
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